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In an ever-changing business landscape due to the impacts of 2020, one thing has stayed constant, people! How we manage our most significant resource really has been changed forever; we catch up with Gemma Murphy to enjoy the view from ViewHR!

1. Why did you set up ViewHR?

As a solicitor in a leading law firm, I experienced first-hand the benefits of providing excellent employment law guidance to clients but I equally felt the flaws of not being able to be on the ground with them at times. This provoked my desire to set up a prestigious HR consultancy to provide clients with the benefit of excellent employment law guidance and client-centred HR consultancy services.

2. How would you describe the ViewHR team?

Spirited, caring, highly experienced and quite frankly exceptional! The interesting thing about the growth of the ViewHR team is that we are all so unique and highly skilled in many different ways.

  • Yes, all our HR consultants all have excellent HR professional skills across the board, but we leverage off each other’s key strength skills (employment law, complex employment relationships, business strategy and growth, mergers and acquisitions etc.). This way we can provide a far better service to our clients’ ever-changing business requirements.

  • Our team behind the scenes are experienced in marketing, finance, compliance, business management, project management and keeping us HR consultants in check (no easy task!). Without these guys, we’d not have the time to focus our efforts solely on our clients’ needs.

3. Why is ViewHR different?

There are amazing HR consultancies out there doing a fantastic job and I’d hate to say we are better than them, everyone’s intention is to do a good job!

Some of the reasons I am most proud of ViewHR and the service we offer our clients is because of:

  • our exceptional team of skilled HR consultants,

  • our additional employment law support,

  • our drive to deliver client-centred care to support their businesses specific needs, our commercial approach and to give them the skills to keep their businesses safe and the prestigious level of service we provide.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we laugh (and sometimes cry) with our clients! Our clients aren’t just numbers, they each have dedicated key HR consultants to work with them and to get to know their business and their employee needs.

4. What type of clients does ViewHR work with?

Wow, you’d think I was exaggerating if I said every type (well we don’t have a Zoo yet but I’d love the opportunity to see such beautiful animals on a working day!). Joking aside we work with such a broad cross-section of businesses including manufacturers, private estates, care providers, retail, hospitality, law firms, accountants, IT and communication services, financial services, independent schools.

HR and employment law is relevant to every business but the key is to understand the business and its needs, then to apply it!

5. What are your biggest achievements at ViewHR?

This is a difficult one and there is no single one that comes to my mind. So here are a few:

• Our collaborative team strive to achieve the best results for our clients and to resolve complex situations for employees.

• Our clients, we have fabulous clients who work with us to drive people and business development.

• The projects we have undertaken, small and big: from our support to set up and guide employers on their employment journey, through to managing restructuring programmes with ‘magic circle’ law firms.

• Setting up ViewHR and reaching my ambition to build the reputable and prestigious HR consultancy service it has become!


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