5 top tips, for progressing your property sale faster!

It’s no myth that the longer your property takes to complete a sale, the higher the chance it has of falling through. This means a lot of stress and higher costs to you!

On average, it takes between 12 to 16 weeks from offer acceptance to completion. That’s effectively four months for something to go wrong.

So how do we reduce the time it takes until you can achieve that weight lifting moment of an exchange of contracts? Here are my five top tips I tell my clients…

It’s just like being in the cub scouts…. Be Prepared!!

  1. Don’t wait until you have an offer to instruct a solicitor. Shop around whilst you are on the market and decide who you want to use, so you have all your forms ready for when you agree on a sale.

  2. Cost isn’t everything! Make sure you get a good solicitor that knows the local property market someone who is proactive on emails to forward anything to you promptly.

  3. If you have had any work done to your property, make sure you have all the relevant documentation sorted. For example, Fensa certificates for new windows, gas safe certificates for a boiler, building regulation certificates for any structural improvements. Having these in readiness will stop problems down the line.

  4. Again, don’t wait until you have an offer to sort your mortgage out. Speak to local brokers or your mortgage company in advance so that you can process the mortgage as soon as you sell and buy.

  5. Don’t sit back and wait. Most agents' sales chase, but there is nothing wrong with chasing the agent or solicitor if you haven't heard from them for a few days. Make sure you are turning around information as soon as you get it.

There are always exceptions to why sales take longer to go through, such as chain breaks, external factors like management companies and probates.

You can’t impact others in the chain, but you can make sure that you have been as proactive as possible. This will relieve the stress you go through during the process and make moving home simpler and more enjoyable.

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